2022 MAQC Society 5th Annual Meeting Sept 26-27

Silver Springs, MD


MAQC 2022 Conference Abstracts


The MAQC Society will be interested in abstracts for the MAQC conference that include but are not limited to the following topics:

Explainable AI/ML
Reproducible AI/ML methods and applications
AI/ML in massive healthrelated datasets
Large datasets related to SARS-CoV-2 and public health
Single-cell reproducibility, methods, applications, or standards
Genomics and molecular methods, applications, and standards
Image analysis methods in human health
Reference samples, materials, and benchmark datasets
Reproducible science (methods, standards, applications)

Abstract Format:

The Abstract should not exceed 300 words. Please minimize the use of abbreviations and do not cite references in the abstract. The abstract must include the following separate sections:
– Background: context and purpose of the study
– Results: main findings
– Conclusions: a brief summary and potential implications


New deadline will be announced together with the updated MAQC Society 2022 conference date.

2019 MAQC Society 3rd Annual Meeting

April 8-10, Riva Del Garda Congress Centre, Trientino, Italy

2018 MAQC Society 2nd Annual Meeting

Feb. 24-27, Fudan University, Shanghai, China. 


2017 MAQC Society 1st Annual Meeting

Reproducible genomics. April 12, SAS Institute, North Carolina, United States.