Greetings from the MAQC Society,

As the incoming Executive Chair of the Society, I first want to thank Dr. Weida Tong, outgoing chair and Director of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at FDA-NCTR, for his vision, leadership, and energy that he bestowed on the Society during its formative years. Many of you know Weida and his efforts to initiate and support the MAQC and SEQC Consortiums over the past 16 years. His latest efforts with SEQC2 are coming to fruition with many SEQC2-related papers that are either accepted or going through peer-review in various high-quality journals. Weida will continue to support the MAQC Society in various roles and will be a constant resource for me going forward.

I and the MAQC Society Board of Directors are excited for several things that are currently happening in the MAQC Society, despite COVID-19 causing us to postpone the annual meeting in 2020:



Wendell Jones, PhD

Wendell Jones, PhD

Chairperson and President MAQC Society

  1. We have initiated a drive to formally recognize membership in the Society. You will soon see advertisements for registering to be a member at the MAQC Society web pages.  By registering as a member, you will get free access to the annual MAQC Society meeting for 2021, which will be held virtually, at a discount compared to non-members. 
  2. We will have a packed MAQC Society virtual meeting this year, which is a joint meeting with MCBIOS, a sister organization. The upcoming MAQC Society meeting is April 28-30, 2021 with the MCBIOS meeting overlapping (April 26-28, 2021).  By registering as a MAQC Society member, you will have access to all MAQC and MCBIOS presentations.  In addition to several prestigious keynote speakers, we will have a full line-up of SEQC2-related talks and other contributed papers covering a wide gamut of -omics and related analysis.  We suggest registering as a MAQC Society member first and then using the code from that MAQC Society membership registration to register for the MAQC Society annual meeting.
  3. We will be promoting registration for MAQC Society membership and the annual meeting with a series of SEQC2-related webinars in Feb-April, 2021. These webinars will hopefully attract others who are not aware of the MAQC Society to register for the webinars and/or the annual meeting.
  4. We have a new MAQC Society home page. Look for new announcements on our web site related to webinars, the annual meeting, and new MAQC Society projects.
  5. Speaking of new projects, we are and will be initiating new projects within the MAQC Society. Information and opportunities for those projects will be announced over the coming months.

As you can see, the MAQC Society and its participants are brimming with activity.  And why not!  This is the era of Big Data.  There are several challenges of consequence as MAQC Society members help to drive health science forward in an era of Big Data by affirming and supporting the principles of the scientific method:  repeatable, reproducible, and reliable experiments, studies, and methods.  For example, as we move from bulk analysis of tissue to single-cell based experiments, the data can increase by orders of magnitudes.   What will it mean for single-cell experiments to be considered reproducible?  Similar data challenges are occurring with imaging using faster, cheaper, and higher resolution methods.  Machine learning and AI become indispensable with those methods.  However, how can we uncover hidden biases in the learning methods to ensure reproducible and reliable results as well as equitable outcomes?

I hope you are as excited about the opportunities to make substantive contributions to these areas of science as I am.  Come join us as a member of the MAQC Society and help make tomorrow what we envision science should be today.



Wendell Jones, PhD

Executive Chair and President, MAQC Society