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2022 MAQC Society 5th Annual Meeting will occur on Sept 26-27

Location: FDA HQ, Silver Spring, MD.
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Announcing Nominations are Open for the 2022 MAQC Society Awards

The MAQC Society is accepting nominations for two awards:

  • MAQC Society Award (for MAQC Society members with an important scientific article published in 2021)
  • Outstanding Reproducibility in Science Award (open to all individuals with an important scientific article published in 2021)

Eligibility: Exclusions to the individuals mentioned above are the Executive Officers of the MAQC Society and the Chair of the MAQC Society Awards Committee.  Regular MAQC Board members are eligible but cannot be nominated by other MAQC Board members.

Criteria for award:  Awardee must have had a key role (first, corresponding, or primary author) of a significant published scientific article promoting, establishing, or contributing to reproducible science, especially of massive datasets in human health sciences.  The awardee cannot nominate themselves.  Upon receiving applications, the MAQC Society Awards Committee will review applications and decide on the winner in each category.  The paper must have been peer-reviewed and published (electronically or otherwise) in the previous calendar year (2021).

Application process:  Nominations are taken by filling out an online form 

Application deadline:  March 31, 2022

More details about the awards are found on our awards page.

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