Massive Analysis and Quality Control Society.

Call for Abstracts for the 2022 MAQC Society 5th Annual Meeting


The objective of the MAQC Society is to communicate, promote, and advance reproducible science principles and quality control for analysis of the massive data generated from the existing and emerging technologies in solving biological, health, and medical problems. Thus, the goals of the Society are to

(1) advocate and facilitate the development and application of quality control practice and standard analysis protocols of bioinformatics and biostatistics for enhanced reproducibility across multiple experiments, laboratories, and data analysis methods, and

(2) advance our understanding and best practices in the analysis of massive data from emerging technologies applied in drug development, clinical application, and safety/risk assessment.

Nature Biotechnology Special Collection


Congratulations to our MAQC 2021 award winners!


MAQC Research Awards (Young Scientist): 

  • 3rd place: Nicole Bussola
  • 2nd place: Ramyar Molania
  • 1st place: Ira Deveson

MAQC Research Awards (Scientist): 

  • 3rd place: Michael Love
  • 2nd place: Mohammad Sahraeian
  • 1st place: Li Tai Fang

Outstanding Reproducibility in Science Award

  • Runner Up: Tsuyoshi Miyakawa
  • Winner: Davide Chicco

MAQC Society Award

  • Runner Up: Benjamin Haibe-Kains
  • Winner: Charles Wang

MAQC Society Board names Dr. Weida Tong as Chair Emeritus


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